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December 9, 2018

According to reports, Facebook is now testing a new ‘Text effects’ option for News Feed posts which would enable users to apply a range of stylized text types within their Facebook updates.

Facebook 'Text Styles' example

This example was provided by user Scott Grenney (and shared by Matt Navarra). As you can see, when posting on desktop, Grenney has the new option to add ‘Text Effects’ below the main post field (and worth noting, Grenney is based in the UK, though we don’t have any info on the specifics of the test at this stage).

There are currently five text options to choose from, which reflect those available within Facebook Stories. Those are:

  • Fancy
  • Simple
  • Clean
  • Headline
  • Casual

In Stories they seem to make more sense, given the highly visual focus of the tool, but in the News Feed… I’m not so sure.

Of course, users can already add a colourful background to their posts, so it’s not a huge leap in that respect. But still, it could make your Feed pretty messy looking if a few of your connections are particularly enthusiastic about expressing their ‘flair’ via the options provided.

Facebook hasn’t released stats on how many people currently use those coloured backgrounds on posts, but you’d assume that there’d be some crossover between the users who do and those who would also utilize these text options. Based on anecdotal evidence, most users don’t use post backgrounds, and because they’re not the default, they’ve never really seemed to take off. But they are there, they are another option – and by providing both background and text options within the update creation window, maybe Facebook can further prompt sharing into Facebook Stories, which is where the company really wants to see user attention shift.

Source: socialmediatoday.com

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